Colorful Garland in January

First let me start off by stating that one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to make a new piece of art and a new crafty project each month. I get stuck in ruts in which I only paint TOMS and do graphic design work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job…jobs…but I miss making art and crafting so much!! So my Dream Catcher was my art piece for January and now here’s my craft project!

I know, I know…Christmas decorations in January…I’ve wanted garland like this for years but couldn’t never find a good price on felt balls or had the time to try to make that many! A few years ago I decided to knit a garland that looks really cool off the tree but is not noticeable on the tree so still, I wanted the felt ball garland!! Well, the other day while exploring the newly opened Paper Source here in Denver, I found these felt ball necklaces on sale for $5 each!! I immediately purchased all they had….

I took the necklaces home and broke them apart. I then restrung them placing the felt balls in RGB order and added little sparkle between each one. Only 11 more months until Christmas!! OMG!!

Here’s a look into my process.


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