Pink Sangria

Some friends of ours invited us to Enchi-Sundae which will be a party including enchiladas and ice cream sundaes on Sunday. Feeling the need to bring something, I decided to make some Sangria! They will try it tomorrow but I’ve already tried it and it’s DELICIOUS and easy to make!
Pink Sangria
adapted from youresomartha

– 2 (750ml) bottles of chilled White Zinfandel. (The cheaper the better because with all of the other ingredients, you won’t taste the wine anyway)

– 12 oz lemonade. (I used Simply Lemonade. Their small bottle is 13.5 oz so it leaves you just enough to take a sip.)

– 3 cans of Blood Orange Sanpellegrino (I forgot to get Ginger Ale and was lucky enough to have this in the fridge.)

– ¾ cup vodka

– 4 oz can of pineapple chunks with juice

– 1 pack of fresh strawberries cut into pieces

– 2 green apples chopped

I first poured the wine, lemonade, Sanpellegrino, and vodka into the container and then stirred. NExt I added the pineapple chunks with the juice, (the pineapple will fall to the bottom), chopped apple, and the fresh cut strawberries and gave it another good stir. Put it in the refrigerator for at least a few hours then enjoy! The longer it sits, the better it will be.

Please be careful. It’s delicious and strong.

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