Sarah’s Bridal Shower Invitations

So, one of my best friends Sarah is getting married and I get to make all of the paper goods! I won’t go into all of the details of making these because well, this is not a tutorial. We would be here all day if I explained everything I did! Here’s a quick run down.

Each invitation was printed on actual water color paper. The top side punched with an edge punch and the bottom edge torn how watercolor paper is supposed to be torn. Because of the way I printed the invitations, there were 12 different textures in a total of 100 invitations. Each one hand made and uniquely it’s own. ¬†Each one was placed in a turquoise enveloped lined in either gold or a gold and cream chevron print with recipients name written in gold on the outside. Each turquoise envelope was then placed in a white outer envelope for shipping with recipients name and address printed and bride and grooms address on back for sending presents!(addresses changed for posting purposes)

Invitations is one of my favorite things to do so if you have a big event coming up, let me know! I would be thrilled to help out!

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